A probiotic mocktail is a non-alcoholic social beverage (a beverage that you enjoy socially) filled with bacteria, yeast, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that support a healthy digestive system. Shrub-Bucha is zero net sugar so you get to look AND feel great too!


Vinegar and fruit juice based beverage "Shrub" was enjoyed by 13th century Italian peasants working in the fields as a means to “cool off”, long before Coca-Cola came on the scene in the US which was first marketed as a health tonic.


Kombucha is fermented tea cultured by using a scoby (symbiotic combination of bacteria & yeast.) When the live organism eats the sugar it produces a large amount of B-vitamins, naturally occurring enzymes, acids, and bacteria that support gut wellness. Historically used as a healing tonic in Asia for centuries, kombucha is detoxifying and effervescent.


Shrub-Bucha is the world’s first shelf stable, yet raw, live, organic, zero sugar, and probiotic non-alcoholic social beverage in classic cocktail flavors. At only 22 calories per bottle, these hand crafted social beverages are meant to inspire you to live your joy day and night.

Why Drink Dirty?

"Dirt" refers to the good bacteria, live enzymes, and yeast that inhabit our Shrub-Bucha. Laboratory research proves that when you consume alcohol you decrease levels of Hydrochloric Acid, good bacteria, yeast in your gut, as well as vitamins B & C, which support your overall health. Sugar feeds the pathogenic yeast, Candida, which can lead to autoimmune responses in the body, hence why we have developed Zero Net Sugar products that do not exacerbate Candida symptoms. Shrub-Bucha contains all KINDS of health tonyifying ingredients that also support detoxification, glowing skin, a happy microbiome, and a flat tummy.

Health is wealth. Love is invisible.
Take a sip... we dare you.


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