July Blog - Ferm Fatale

July Blog

Alcohol is a depressant-a numbing agent. Alcohol caused more deaths in 2020 than Covid did. If you think alcohol is just a part of life, you are pa...

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iKonic AF Life - Ferm Fatale

iKonic AF Life

I wasn’t expecting it to be so evident...so crystal clear. I wasn’t expecting going alcohol free 65 days ago would feel so important. I thought I ...

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Sprouting Into Freedom - Ferm Fatale

Sprouting Into Freedom

If I was happy I would drink. Sad, lonely, grab a drink. Best way to meet new people, avoid people but be amongst them…alcohol was my best friend t...

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Dry January and Beyond - Ferm Fatale

Dry January and Beyond

So you made it through the holidays…now what? Maybe you overindulged on sugar and carbs and you are ready to recommit to some better choices that s...

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12 Shades of Gray Drinking - Ferm Fatale

12 Shades of Gray Drinking

You’re not a problematic drinker say those around you—you’re a long way from rock bottom. But you aren’t an every-now-and-then drinker, either. Mos...

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Why Cleanse Your Gut? - Ferm Fatale

Why Cleanse Your Gut?

Meditate. Practice breathing exercises. Incorporate physical activity, like walking or yoga. Silence your phone or disconnect from your devices....

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