Ferm Fatale's 10 Sexy Gut Wellness Tips



Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

It might seem counterintuitive to ingest the same acid that makes up stomach acid, but as we age, stress, diet, etc our HCL begins to decrease unless we are keeping levels high through mindfulness, diet, and supplementation. This acid breaks down proteins and kills microbes that come in with food. Decreased HCL causes B12 deficiencies and the most common problem associated with low HCL is ulcers and bacterial overgrowth. One way to determine if you need HCL is to do a test where you take the suggested amount 10-15 min before a meal. If you get heartburn, back off on the amount. If you take a handful with no burning, you need HCL. Here is my favorite brand.


Digestive Enzymes

Many people find that supplementation with meals really helps with gas and bloating. A way to not have to depend on  supplementing enzymes is to get your HCL levels in order. Take 1 TBL of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 10 mins before meals with your HCL with a huge glass of water to encourage the increase of bile & pancreatic enzymes. Drinking lemon juice with your water in the morning upon rising will also assist with bile flow which assists your body in making enzymes. Another tip is to detox the liver with Milk Thistle a couple times a year–especially if you drink alcohol. If you do take enzymes, get one that is broad spectrum like this one.


Whole Food Probiotics

In the Healthy Microbiome Morning Protocol I give specific timing on when and what whole food probiotics to consume for ultimate gut health benefits. Whole food raw probiotics would be: Kefir, Yogurt, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Fermented Veggies, Kvass, and more. I suggest consuming as many as possible as they also serve as Prebiotics (food for your Probiotcs to actually serve you). Pro Tip: Give your friendly internal microbes more veggies to eat and the new colonies will be so happy. This also helps with balancing Ph which is huge too. Check out my Prebiotic supplementation suggestion.


Probiotic Supplements

I highly suggest taking Probiotic Supplements in addition to eating your fermented foods, especially if you have ever taken antibiotics in your life. After a round of antibiotics as it is essential that you repopulate your gut to rebalance your internal microbes that define your overall health. Have you taken my Rate Your Gut Quiz yet? Harmful strains will wreak havoc on your system and cause a cascade of symptoms that often are the reason Western doctors end up giving out yet another round of antibiotics causing yet more problems. This happened to me. If you take probiotics while taking antibiotics, be sure to take them at least 2 hrs from when you took the antibiotic. Note* Some probiotic strains cause a histamine response, so know what you are taking and how it is effecting you. Lacto plantarum, Bifo Lactis, and Bifo longum are less histamine producing. A great yeast strain to take to avoid diarrhea from antibiotics is S. Boulardii. Here is the daily Probiotic supplement I suggest.


Limit Sugar

Without bacteria to safeguard you, fungi can have the opportunity to come in and cause symptoms like diarrhea, vaginal & intestinal candida (yeast overgrowth), toe nail fungus, itchy butt crack (yeah, I said it), skin problems, and more. Candida thrives off sugar and carbs so stay away from that shit. Sugar is seriously the devil and should only be used to feed your ferments. You don’t want Candida to get out of control as it colonizes it thins the intestinal wall causing whats known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. I had this BAD back when I was ill and its a bitch to get rid of. It can literally make you feel depressed, bloated, and feeling like total shit. Stay away from sugar, period…oh, and artificial sugar too if you want good health. I have a Candida Quiz  for you to take to see how much sugar is the devil for you! Drop me a line and let me know your score!


Sip Bone Broth or take Hydrolyzed Collagen

Giving your inner membranes love makes them less resistant to damage. Collagen is all the rage right now as it is the protein that helps mend these membranes together like an inner grandma knitting scarves that also gives your cells amino acids too, Bonus! A high quality hydrolyzed collagen protein powder (I buy mine at Trader Joes) is awesome as well as Bone broth (you can make it on the cheap) which has an insane amount of vital minerals essential for gut health. You can’t make collagen internally without enough Vitamin C, so its a good idea to up your Vitamin C levels. Try Absorbic Acid Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from LipoNaturals. 


Prebiotic Fiber

One reason so many people have mineral deficiencies is because they are not feeding their probiotics Prebiotic Fiber resulting in gut bacteria robbing the minerals you are getting in your diet or supplementation so its kinda important. One study showed that by adding prebiotic fiber in a rat’s diet, it improved the absorption of minerals by 30%! So what are some prebiotic foods you ask (ie; resistant starches)? Raw Leeks, Asparagus, Jicama, Garlic, Under Ripe Bananas, Chia, Flax, Hemp Seeds and Un-Roasted Cashews. Bottom line: Fix your mineral deficiencies by fixing your gut. A soil derived mineral supplement like Restore is amazing! It does all start in the gut folks.


Raw Water

Fact: Drinking water that has not been treated nor filtered is safer and healthier than tap water. Tap water has been proven to contain chlorine, fluoride, anti-corrosives, nitrates and pharmaceuticals. Sure, untreated & unfiltered water can contain dangerous microorganisms, but it also contains naturally occurring minerals that get stripped during commercial filtration processes. Raw water also contains vital minerals and live probiotics. Harvesting your own water from a respectable spring (findaspring.com) that you have it tested regularly to ensure the prevention of water born illness is probably the best source of water possible. However, if finding a spring is not possible, I highly recommend you ingest half of your body weight in ounces a day of filtered water daily. I personally use Omica Organic's water filter and activation system that filters particles as small as 1/1000 micron and removes 99.9% of undesirable contaminants, and alkalizes the water and re-introduces healthy amounts of minerals, including Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. They've been kind enough to offer our customers 10% off with code FERMFATALE. Definitely avoid drinking out of plastic due to BPAs that effect natural hormone balance and other cancer causing problems, not to mention what plastic has done to our environment. I recommend you carry a reusable water bottle at all times. 



IBS is often because of glutamine deficiency. L-Glutamine is the most powerful amino acid in the body and is thought to help maintain proper barriers in the intestinal walls. When barriers are not strong, symptoms such as bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, and get ready….white mucus after a bowel movement..yum, right? L-Glutamine boosts immune cell activity, helps fight infection and inflammation which is the main cause for all dis-ease. Stress depletes L-Glutamine. Foods that contain L-Glutamine are: chicken, fish, cabbage, spinach, beets and peas. I suggest supplementing it daily after your workout in your Ferm Fatale Smoothie—


Self Love

This Living Clean principle that is not about what we put in our mouths but the thoughts and feelings we consciously or unconsciously carry around in the form of self-limiting beliefs that effect our life most. Mastering your mind to embrace SELF LOVE will be the most important thing you do to stay healthy. Having an unwavering Self Love mindset with personal boundaries releases us from the stress that causes dysfunction in the intestinal barrier. Stress makes your body release toxins and inflammatory molecules. If you are chronically inflamed you will likely suffer from autoimmune issues. I use Therasage's portable sauna to decrease inflammation, increase my circulation, and overall decompress. Acknowledging and feeling your emotions is key to shifting your mind not to allow your body to attack itself and have strong immune function. Taking time to nourish yourself, paying attention to what you are paying attention to through seated silent meditation practice daily for 20 minutes minimum, and taking full responsibility for your mind-body-health is what Living Clean is all about. Blaming, shaming, feeling resentful and any kind of judgment filled victim based mindset will only create toxicity in the blood regardless of how much celery juice you consume. It’s okay to feel angry as long as you transform that emotion into something more productive. There is enough denial, blame, shame, and self hatred in this world…be the person that takes the reigns by getting in touch with your emotions and then transforming your pain into power today with our Live Clean, Drink Dirty Digital Course.

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