5 Tips To Rock Your Damp December

5 Tips To Rock Your Damp December - Ferm Fatale

December, the last month of the year is often filled with responsibilities, celebrations, and feelings of busyness and obligation, making what was once traditionally a time for rest and reflection turn into a capitalistic overindulgent month of stress for many. I believe happiness comes from staying grounded and steady, practicing indulgence in moderation, while healing the parts of ourselves that tend to over-consume in different ways. I believe that slowing down, being present, and giving the Greatest gift of all—our time & focus to those we value is what is most important. Outside of this, time in solitude and introspection, especially as we enter 2023 and say goodbye to 2022. Surrounding ourselves with authentic support focused around similar values helps ground us by being of service to one another yet open to receive support and inspiration from others. Precisely why we are offering our free 21 Day Sugar Challenge again this year. It starts January 1 and will contain daily meditations, recipes, detox tips & life hacks all guided by Moi. I hope you will join our community. It’s beyond Dry January, the Whole 30 or the Master Cleanse…it’s Ferm Fatale, Elevated to support you more.

In the meantime, here are 5 tips to Rock your Damp December:

  1. Damp December Chill Vibes Playlist 
  2. Stock up on Alcohol Alternatives to have at home and bring to gatherings so you have options and can start conversation with others that are also moderating. Your presence is the Gift. Make NA drinks just as fun as drinking culture. Your vibe is what determines how much fun you’re gonna have and you don’t need alcohol to do so. RTDs and fancy glassware (like our Holiday Gift Sets *with surprise bonus) are a great way to give the gift of health; mind, heart, and gut. Send someone you love a subscription and an invitation to join our 21 Day Sugar Challenge. Keep in mind Ferm Fatale zero proof cocktails are ‘approved drinks’ on the Challenge so stock up baby!
    Ferm Fatale Cans
  3. If you do have a drink, couple it with a bottle of water and try to have it as early in the day as you can. Do NOT drink right before bed for best results to be your most present the next day. Feeling your best, hangover free, is the best way to enjoy the moments. Drink more water in general—Stay #damp especially as we transition through Solstice to support the immune system!
  4. Set a timer. Take 5 minutes for yourself every morning to just sit still, close your eyes and simply watch your breath—that is it…literally just watch your breath, nothing else. Don’t worry about focusing anywhere specific, just start by watching. No more unmet plans to meditate for a lofty hour a day that never happens to just feel more guilt…Nope. Let’s start small now and get a head start for the new year. This will be the best gift we can give ourselves is presence—That starts with Self. You matter!
  5. Say No to everything that is not a solid ‘Hell Yes’ — this means parties, dinners, food, drinks, people, activities, memories, thoughts, habits, clothes, belongings, beliefs, traditions, and stories we tell ourselves about our fucking ‘Story’ in general. It’s time to write a new story and LET THAT SHIT GO. It is time to up-level and that means putting some shit down. Join us. We start January 1 with a kickoff call. Meantime, enjoy and know that living our best life isn’t about how much you can drink, eat, buy, consume etc…Happiness is balance, presence, and honoring the Self first so we can be of service to others effectively. Religion is what we do every day. So let’s get real and Re-read #4.

Have the best last month of 2022. Let’s catapult ourselves into 2023 together. Join the Challenge now!

Love and Kisses Julie

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