Western Medicine's Autoimmune Scapegoating

Ferm Fatale's mission is to show how Gut Health & Consciousness intersect and how gut health can be a means to evolve consciously and why. They intersect at the microbiome. How, you might ask? Well, you may know the microbiome as just your own personal gut flora activity, but consider that the earth’s microbiome is a macro of the micro—They mirror one another, similarly to how we are all connected and the people around us are mere reflections of our own subconscious. Just like low vibration issues like racism, sexism, and bigotry effect our ability to connect, there is an epidemic of autoimmune conditions plaguing the country as well and all driven by this lack of understanding that what effects one, effects the whole. What we have done to our soil with chemicals and GMOs has caused so much toxicity that large numbers of people now have have food sensitivities and unexplained medical issues that never existed before and they do not exist as much in regions of the world where Monsanto’s chemical demise has not effected as badly. Just as it is our own personal responsibility to let go of blame, shame, hate, and fear to evolve consciously, it is our responsibility to take our health into our own hands and not depend on nor trust Western Medicine-a system that is suggesting that our own bodies are the culprit with autoimmune disease…that is scapegoating. Sure, stress is the #1 cause of all illness, but we are personally responsible for how we allow stress to effect us. Chemicals of all kinds have been irresponsibly dumped into our environment after the Industrial Revolution and the consequences of these acts are staggering. Science has proven that at the current rate of pollution effecting climate change that in less than a decade we will seeing significant flooding, earthquakes, and even more toxicity in the environment effecting agriculture, health, and the economy so much that the earth will get smaller due to less land that is not polluted and more and more people will continue to be effected by these “mystery symptoms.”

The question is: what can we do to make a difference as we traverse a future that requires us to stand up for our beliefs before our planet is plumaged and raped to death? How do we end generational cycles of Victim consciousness that is just as dis-empowering as what we are being told about being a Victim to own our bodies? This is bullshit and it is time we take responsibility for both our physical and spiritual health and not rely on the systems that have deceived and blamed us. We at Ferm Fatale aim to clarify the two fundamental belief systems that dominate the world and encourage you to be the Hero of your story, not the Victim to society. We need a rebirth in collective consciousness. People need to stop putting their trust in a system that cares more about greed and capitalism than supporting its people. This evolution of consciousness starts with the decisions that we make three times day when we eat and getting involved in the politics that affect agriculture and the environment. Food is medicine and health is wealth. We get to choose if we hate the people in our life that have harmed us or if we can find a neutrality for hurtful experiences and learn from them, thus ending cycles of victim mentality. Life is meant to be celebrated, not lived in fear.

There are certain additives like sugar, alcohol, gluten, and dairy that can exacerbate the symptoms of certain virus’ and pathogenic yeast that cause a cluster of different unexplainable symptoms that western medicine calls “autoimmune” because they are so ignorant to the real cause for these symptoms. Invisible virus’, pathogenic yeast, bad bacteria, and toxins are the true cause of disease, but instead, we are treated like scapegoats similarly to how a dysfunctional family blames one family member for being a truth sayer thus isolating them from the rest of the family, which is known to be something that can actually kill the weak. Because Western medicine cannot explain such symptoms they call “autoimmune” and tell you that your body is “attacking itself” putting you on thyroid medicine for years, turning you into a number. Love is invincible when we see ourselves as part of a whole. We step into the role of Hero when we educate ourselves about what is happening behind the scenes of Big Pharma that is fueled by a very small number of people in power that aim to kill off the majority through toxin exposure and stripping away the dry resources that can keep us healthy, whole, and connected with one another. Capitalism and Western medicine is selling fear, Separation, and blaming the wrong culprit that could potentially be effecting your health and pocketbook. How we treat our planet makes a huge difference in the health of our food, air, and water which determines our long term ability to evolve. Seeing ourselves as part of the whole and that the realization that we need each other and that greed doesn’t bring happiness and that if you want change you need to get involved and taker responsibility at least in your food choices.

How we see ourselves is our responsibility. Another big problem with autoimmune issues is breast implants and the toxicity they cause long term. We are just now seeing the effects of these toxins on people that have already compromised immune systems due to chronic pathogenic yeast, virus’, and lack of minerals due to the soil being stripped with so many toxins dumped into our environment after the Industrial Revolution.

Ferm Fatale was inspired at a time in 2001 when I was ill with what the doctors called an “autoimmune health collapse” and couldn’t have sugar, caffeine, nor alcohol. I had blurred vision, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, an inflamed gallbladder, H-pylori, a bad bacteria from Fuji, and a terrible case of intestinal candida. I could not eat much without terrible stomach cramps that were debilitating and developed Vitiligo. I was told my immune system was attacking the pigment producing skin cells and my thyroid.

After reading Anthony William’s book "Thyroid Healing," I truly believe that I don’t have what doctors have told me which is that I have autoimmune. They have kept me on bioidentical hormones such as thyroid, testosterone, progesterone, and estridol instead of asking why I might not be producing these hormones, just chasing symptoms. I realize now that having mononucleosis virus (the kissing disease) as a child effected my immune system and it likely came out of dormancy making me more susceptible to other pathogenetic yeast, bad bacterias, and most recently I suspect it has made me more susceptible to other virus’. I was infected by the Epstein Barr virus, also known as the “thyroid virus” or the “cancer virus” when I was a child but how it has further displayed itself has been due to my specific genetic makeup. I must have certain deficiencies that pull the virus out of dormancy in times of stress. Starting a year ago I began having certain symptoms. I was prescribed thyroid medication (natur-throid) for over a decade. The symptoms this year started with itching on the back of my neck that has continued down my spine. My left clavicle area has been swollen most of 2019 with edema. This coupled was swollen & inflamed lymph nodes, inflamed digestive tract, insomnia, and body temperature issues, I have come to the realization that treating symptoms just isn't working any longer. I have had pain and inflammation in my reproductive and digestive symptoms for over a year now. Yes, stress has certainly been an issue this year with the birth of Ferm Fatale and the impending death of my best friend, Monsieur Louis Laurent. I tell you though…I see all of this as OPPORTUNITY. The opportunity to discover the Truth of what is happening with my health and overcome it, heal it through empowering myself with knowledge, similarly to what I did when I turned away from a toxic family a few years ago that blamed me for not being “forgiving” when my mother with Borderline personality disorder revealed that she was involved with the very lesbian lover than she blamed for robbing my grandparents of $150K. Turning away from either being a Victim to life or being a Hero to it—the choice is ours. Stress can trigger a dormant virus’. I cannot explain the symptoms any other way, other than to say, even with a degree in Natural Health Studies and living with what I once thought was “autoimmune,” I can honestly tell you that it seems to all relate to one another and I feel so grateful to know the truth—now I may heal it.. Epstein Barr is effecting over 95% of the population. How the virus displays in whatever stage of dormancy plus your genetic makeup and toxicity load=your symptoms. This virus seems to be the reason for a lot of autoimmune issues with misplaced blame.

So I ask again: What can you do to stand up for the environment in 2020? How can you use your liberties to put your beliefs where your mouth is to make an impact for the right kind of climate change?” To “Live Clean” is to live in alignment with your most fundamental beliefs by taking action not being complacent and in denial about what’s happening in and around us. We know what we can do to make a difference. Let’s come together unified to create change by affirming first that we have been previously misinformed and to be grateful for a protocol to overcome these virus’, yeasts, bacteria, etc. that are the true cause of these symptoms. The opposite of fear is love. We must love ourselves in order to be loved. We must love one another because we know our interconnectedness. We must realize ourselves to realize Oneness.

Join me for 90 days to becoming EBV (Epstein–Barr virus) free. Here are the first few things to know about your new lifestyle…

You will be removing the following from your diet:
  • Pork
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Corn
  • Eggs
  • Alcohol 
  • Coffee

What you will be adding:
  • Celery juice first thing
  • Cucumber juice
  • Detox smoothies
  • Greens, greens, greens
  • A lot more water, fiber, and nutrients
  • More meditation & relaxation time
  • Tons of specific supplements 
  • Delicious teas

If you are interested in joining me for this 90 day EBV Challenge, click here to find out more and view a list of health foods and supplements to purchase for recipes and jump on the LCDD Microbiome Protocol.

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