Eat Wild, Drink Dirty | A 7 Day Cleanse

The only Wild Cleanse you’ll ever need. 

2020 was not the worst year of our lives. We are flipping the script to say that it is the year we remembered what and who we are most grateful for, cleared the clutter, and let go and simplify to clarify what matters most. The year we went back to our roots and the year we learned about the ‘world inside’. Taking the opportunity to check in with your body and identify what areas are perhaps in need improving both internally and externally? If you have but haven't taken action yet, don’t worry, there is still enough of 2020 to do something about it. Ferm Fatale is going to show us with a 7 day cleanse, how we can eat live, wild foods, in season, to support our immunity and open or strengthen the pathway on your wellness journey.

It must feel like the idea of a ‘cleanse’ is over used and a very LA way to say ‘no thanks, i’m starving myself this week.’ But regular cleansing is essential to keeping your system function healthy and your skin radiant. Cleansing helps restore the body's abilities to breakdown and process foods more efficiently so that you are able to absorb the nutrients in your food better. Have you been experiencing symptoms of bloat? Cramps? Constipation? A runny stomach? Have you been feeling the effects of drinking and want a positive way to take a break. This cleanse may be the perfect thing for you to do to finish the year off.

When asked about cleansing there are usually two kinds of people; ‘The Expert’ and ‘The Foodie’. The expert has tried every cleanse/diet in the book and only drinks lemon water. The other is the one who responds with, ‘no thanks, I like food too much.’ It’s important to know that over cleansing may do more harm than good. Over cleansing may lead to the imbalance of a very delicate and important system that lives within us called the gut microbiome. 

Eat Wild, Drink Dirty was created with that delicate system in mind. This cleanse works specifically to introduce you to Wild foods in addition to experiencing the benefits of our specially crafted probiotic mocktail, Shrub-Bucha. The ‘foodie’ should think of their system like the car they drive all around town to discover new eateries, It needs regular oil changes to be efficient and reliable. Luckily for both we have created anamazing 7day cleanse that actually inspires healthy lifestyle changes and push the homeostasis button.

The goal is for you to see and experience food as more than fuel, but as medicine as well. We want to open the channels of communication between your mind and your body. To eat and drink more intuitively in awareness of the community of live organisms inside you that are affecting you more than you know. There is no better time to do this than during a seasonal transition, according to ancient wisdom. It is a time to celebrate change and new things, a new you, so to speak.


We are very excited to launch Eat Wild, Drink Dirtythis month, the month that we associate gratitude as well as all the good that comes with the fall/winter solstice. The most and on Black Friday to give you the best and only deal of the year. Stay tuned for more on our launch of Eat Wild, Drink Dirty.



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