Falling in Love with Life is the path to Self Love

Hello Lovers, Happy February—the month of LOVE. I can honestly say I have never been more in love with my Self than I am right now. Why you might ask? Is everything perfect? Um, no. However, I finally got IT. What is IT you might ask…is it a new puppy or a new boyfriend, well, yes, but that is not the reason why I am experiencing this unbound freedom inside. I want that for you too. Here is what I have discovered…

The quest for Self Love is to live from the heart, a clean heart. This is what Living Clean is all about. It is in the balancing of passion with detachment. It is when we attend to these rhythms, the pulsations and attune ourselves to the dance of energy & consciousness and the sensuousness of divine energy that we are made of and it flows through us as us (as it always does) that we are able to see who we are. When we see who we are we can’t deny the presence of the sacred permiating our body regardless if we are skinny enough, rich enough, or if people like us. Let your passion exist but release the attachments and watch life unfold as your heart opens to ‘what is.’ Release anger, shame, fear, doubt and worry and step into the NOW. But how?

It is how we do the mundane in life that we find the sacred. This is HOW we nurture the relationship with the Self, by totally immersing yourself in the energy inside of you WITH the world around you—like making love—putting your awareness on the flame of passion pulsating through your body and become the flame. You don’t need another person to do this. Ladies, Let me suggest lelo.com and Men, let me suggest getting off of porn and stop with the incessant masterbation to start if you truly want to find your own personal sensuality. Sanskrit word for ‘play’ Lila is the sense the Universe has manifested an act of play with the Divine. Through play we will find our way. How can you find ways to play more and feel into your Self more?

Yoga & meditation are not just about stress relief, even though excellent tools to do so—They are about becoming intimate with yourself—connecting all the elements and levels of your being. Ha (sun) tha (moon) is the alchemical union where each polarity exists. If we want to offer your attention to the mystery of being alive consider the subtle energies that exist both within you and the world around you.

10 Affirmations to unlock your Truth:

1) I am not my body.

2) I am not my thoughts.

3) I am not what has happened to me.

4) I release the past and forgive all.

5) The NOW is the kingdom of heaven.

6) God is in everything and in everyone, including me.

7) I am responsible for my own happiness.

8) I am here NOW.

9) I am pure light, consciousness, and bliss.

10) I embrace ALL of what is.

In the Light of the Self, dirt on the lens of perception can be abolished from the personality in an instant. The canvas can not only be cleaned, but it can be burned to ashes.

When we are done being disturbed by our illusions we see we are something vast and unexplainable. One Zen master said ‘The whole Universe is my true personality.’ If you want to know who you are, open your window and look outside.

Suffering comes from the belief in Separation. The inability to feel love for our Self is a separation from our heart, from God. We have been sold lies. The ego is what makes us grasp, reject, and keep us separate. The true Self is spirit. When we begin identifying ourselves this way, we unite with our Self again, back to where we came from and where we are going. Awaken to the realization that we are what dreams the world to existence. If you believe your thoughts, you lose your Self.

I am offering what I call my ‘Dirty Dozen’, twelve fermented drinks that I use for all my fresh signature probiotic mockail recipes BEYOND Shrub-Bucha this year.

Speaking of a dozen, you have 12 senses that inform you of the rhythm, texture, and quality of each of the 22,000 breaths you take each day.

Please stay tuned on our social for mudras, mantras, meditations, and Breathwork throughout the month that focus on gut health and expanding your consciousness.

Love calls and engages us. When we give love our attention and ask our body to take us on adventures into intimacy with our won essence we experience wonder and delight.

Here is to you falling in love with your life, your Self, and all of the world around you.

It all lies in the heart.



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