3 Tips to Harness the Solar Power to Grow the Life you Love Living

3 Tips to Harness the Solar Power to Grow the Life you Love Living - Ferm Fatale

We entered summer around June 21 with Solstice when the sun was at its northeast position relative to earth. The sun is yang as it gives energy leading to increased travel and working and playing in the sunshine. Summer in the Western Hemisphere is the warmest of the seasons and often increased physical activity. A lighter but nourishing diet is recommended as it’s important not to overheat your system. Drinking plenty of clean water, juices, teas and probiotic mocktails can prevent this as well as eating coolish foods like berries, melons, and juicy seasonal fruits. Lots of salads spiked with wildly fermented spring vegetables is wise and to consume protein later in the day as the temperature cools down. It is also an opportune time to cleanse as we transition seasons. 


This is the season of growth and maturation. This makes the Summer transition an excellent time to reflect on the peak moments in your own life. What accomplishments have you completed this year that you feel proud of? What have you been growing in your own life?


The seeds (thoughts, ideas) that you planted in spring have sprung and now it’s time for ACTION. We must learn to flow as nature does which means harnessing the power of this solar yang energy that is associated with the Fire element in Chinese medicine. How can we feed our fire yet still be in touch with our gut feelings? Often times if you are anything like me, cognitive dissociation can make you a goal oriented person, but you might not have made space for nurturing that part of yourself that needs to step back and take rest. This is the perpetual quest for balance we all have in the human experience. Here are 3 things you can do to harness this action enhancing energy to support your own personal growth this season:



1). Take inventory of where you want to grow. It could be in diet, your feelings/core beliefs, or maybe wanting to learn a new language.  


2). Read a book that supports that aspect of personal growth. Dedicate time daily to allow the knowledge to infuse into your mind, heart, and gut. Make silence and space for digesting these new concepts, thoughts, ideas. 


3). Put one thing you learned into action daily that supports what you learned. Make discipline and dedication active in your life as procrastination= stress. Make yourself proud. You cannot un-know. 


We have 3 months to enjoy this time of growth before we shift again into Late Summer (a season often overlooked, but we will discuss in August.) 


Happy July Friends! 





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