"I’ll take a double shot of ‘Curious' cuz we are 86-ing ‘Judgement' over here!"

When you replace judgment with curiosity everything changes. So, we talked about what it means to be ‘sober curious’, and now you are even more curious and are interested in seeing what the next steps look like. Cool, we are here to paint that picture for you. First, it’s important to have the awareness of why you are curious in the first place. Hence why the first 'Live Clean' lesson in our 6 week online program is ‘Awareness.’ Let’s say you usually drink to just unwind at home. If that’s the case we are not going to recommend you join ‘huns over hangovers’ for the local sober happy hour. An important question that will help you discover what the best next steps are is asking yourself what you center your drinking around? i.e. unwinding, social events, etc. If you are inspired to, write your answers in the comments below.

Oftentimes people drink because of the communal sense of belonging and wanting to connect with other people.

If that’s the case we can revisit ‘huns over hangovers’. You’d be surprised to learn what a quick google search of your area can come-up with as far as sober social places and events. The #AF movement is in full effect and its expanding way beyond LA & NYC.

Filling the niche of wanting to be social but not wanting to drink alcohol and tax your system, is why we created Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha. We have created the world’s first zero-proof, zero net sugar, probiotic mocktail that tastes as amazing as it is good for you. ‘Shrub-Bucha’ contains compounds and properties not found anywhere else in nature and without the sugar, which is typically found in most other kombuchas on the market. If you don’t know what a ‘shrub’ is, don’t worry it’s not a bush, and our six week program goes over that in better detail! Shrub-Bucha comes in classic cocktail flavors and loaded with dirt. ‘Dirt’ refers to the good bacteria, enzymes and yeast that inhabit our Shrub-Bucha ‘ready-to-drink’ mocktails with a company mission passionate about saving the health of the planet’s soil health. Sober doesn’t mean boring—Let us prove that to you!

If you missed dry January and dry July, it’s ok. You are just in time for ‘Sober September’ and we now offer Shrub-scriptions that give you an amazing deal on recurring monthly orders to 'stay in the vibe’.

If you want a good read by the woman we credit the movement to, Ruby Warrington, pick up ‘Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol.’

You can also join the virtual community, ‘For All Drinks’ and discover other non-alcoholic drinks for leading a fun, healthy, and always inclusive lifestyle. Check us out on the launch of their podcast.

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