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I wasn’t expecting it to be so evident...so crystal clear. I wasn’t expecting going alcohol free 65 days ago would feel so important. I thought I might have FOMO…on the contrary, all I have is JOMO! I have developed an even deeper love for the products I created from inspiration from a time long ago when I COULDN'T drink due to illness. You see, back then it didn't come from my choosing--That choice was made for me. I saw a need for options while socializing and eventually found myself on stage at BevNet Live in 2015 coining the term 'social beverage' but honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, nor was I alcohol-free as I had reached a plateau in my health that allowed me to drink if I wanted to. Making the choice to let go of this toxic substance from my life feels like a missing link in the puzzle of personal freedom for me. I have felt so inspired by this new found freedom & clarity that I am releasing a limited series of crystal charged iKonic Waters flavored with sacred scents to evoke inner worship. Additionally, they are infused with adaptogenic mushrooms for stress relief! These fermented waters are an extension of our Plain iKonic Water —the world’s first probiotic tonic water, designed to be mixed with your favorite non-alcoholic spirits creating unleaded versions of Gin & Tonic, Bourbon & Water, or Tequila & Soda..but now AF and probiotic. Fermented in live Himalayan crystals scented with rose, palo santo, or sandalwood--These were meant to help wake your microbiome & consciousness up in the morning to a whole food probiotic instead of a pill, so you feel inspired to meditate and ask the most important question you can ask…’Who Am I?’ 


The functional benefits of these endocrine soothing mushrooms paired with the bacteria rich water kefir inspire you to Live Your Truth day and night. Life is meant to be celebrated. When I get down focusing on what I don’t have or where I fall short focusing on comparing my life to someone else’s, I lose that joy. I have found personal freedom in ending my relationship with alcohol coupled with the 12 Living Clean principles found in our new digital course, ‘Live Clean, Drink Dirty.’ Living with a heart free of shame, blame, worry, doubt, and pain is pure freedom. You cannot find that freedom if you are still running. It is one thing to stop using a substance to numb pain, whether that be physical, mentally or spiritual. It is another thing to face and address the negative core beliefs & unprocessed emotion held in the subconscious that have caused that pain. I have leaned into these principles to help heal my heart/mind after years of childhood abuse living with an undiagnosed and untreated mentally ill parent that I feared would murder me until I was 35 years old that I choose to stop enabling just 5 years ago. Awareness, Presence, Intuition, Strength, Power, Perceptions & Beliefs, Faith, Devotion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Self Love and Surrender have helped me become the Hero of my life. Being the Hero starts with self responsibility. 


Ferm Fatale was created to empower the dirty femme to release shame and step into loving oneself, stop numbing pain and truly face feeling our feelings, using the darkness to help reveal the Light. Like I have always said---Taking pain, heartache, and grief and taking these seemingly negative emotions and spinning them into possibility and opportunities will reveal the most powerful aspects of our being! 'Living Clean' means saying no to gaslighters, scapegoating, and the negative low vibrations and projections that come from toxic or codependent behavior to step forward into a life surrounded by love & support, that starts within. This happens when we shift our vibration by taking responsibility for it. No longer do you have to argue or fight. Focus on peace. Know that you create your own happiness as it’s an inside job--- but your environment matters. The people you surround yourself with matters. Set boundaries and discern wisely. Stop complaining and start owning your experience—This is 'Living Clean.' Claim what you desire. You don’t need to drink to ‘fit in’, ‘have fun’, or more truthfully use these excuses to exist in this world. Stop with the excuses and step into the life that you love living. Clarity only comes from choice. I remember when I was a closet smoker. I needed to DECIDE (ie; to cut away) to become a ‘non-smoker’ and identify myself that way for the habit to be broken. I had to see the substance had control over me because I was allowing it and then take ownership. If you wish to be set free from the grip of alcohol or even toxic relationships for that matter that make you tired, anxious, bloated and more stressed, get crystal clear about who it is you wish to be and feel and then dammit, make the decision, commit to it, and CLAIM that shit. There is no such thing as an alcoholic—just people that haven’t yet taken full responsibility for their own behaviors and life results while blaming others. There is a life beyond this self imposed prison. Discover how to have fun without a substance that just dilutes you from fully embracing the now.

Collective Consciousness is on the rocks and in need of an IOS update—- Get on the freedom train! Ending denial brings joy in itself. Ending false avenues of support is freeing. Examining the ways you once used to cope with loneliness, grief, and anger and choosing new ways of being that allow you to FEEL is empowering! Stop subscribing to fear and take the first step towards supporting the core of who you are (LOVE) by transforming your heart, mind & gut! This is what living the iKonic AF life is. Discover what it is to 'Live Clean,Drink Dirty.' 

Here are 5 things I am feeling grateful for in making the choice to end my relationship with alcohol:


1). No more hangxiety, regrets nor shame

2). Empowerment, Clarity, and a true sense of Resiliency

3). Less inflammation, bloating, and fatigue that resulted in even just one glass of wine

4). More presence & connection with myself and those around more

5). Strength & Confidence that comes from no longer living in denial or shame about my choices


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