Luck is Made

What is luck? Most traditionally luck is defined as: “the chance happening of fortunate or adverse events” or “one’s personal fate.” 

When I look at luck this way, I think of Ebert Bonnaci (pictured above in the kitchen) — my Italian immigrant grandfather aka "Puppa" — and how lucky I am to have been on his family tree. Without him, there would be no Ferm Fatale  — no raw, live, organic, probiotic, and enzyme rich (ready to drink), non-alcoholic mocktails we call Shrub-Bucha. Ebert is the guy who first taught me about shrub.

Vinegar and fruit juice based beverage "Shrub" was enjoyed by 13th century Italian peasants working in the fields as a means to “cool off”, long before Coca-Cola came on the scene in the US which was first marketed as a health tonic. This is the base of Ferm Fatale's Shrub-Bucha and I owe him all the credit as my inspiration.

Aside from teaching me about shrub, my grandfather also taught me a thing or two about luck. Just like the meatballs he's rolling in the photo are hand-made, he taught me so too is luck. Luck is made. 

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Just like everything in life, reality is defined by your perception of it. If you believe that life is happening to you, it will. If you believe life is happening for you, it will. Whatever you believe you are right. This is not a pollyanish mindset but one of confidence that whatever happens you can handle it and divine order and grace are on your side when you realize yourself co-creator with that energy.

As we evolve and realize our power as co-creative forces in the Universe, we begin to know how much access we have to how things play out in our world. I am not saying that circumstances don’t happen. This is the human experience and bad shit can happen. However, how we respond to this bad shit defines not only who we are, but what will happen next. Being smart and acting out of self responsibility and being fear motivated are two separate energies. Example: Life happens and you feel like a victim to circumstance. You have a choice to “buy in” to the lower vibrational thoughts of despair, defeat, work, fear, and doubt OR you decide that life isn’t happening to you but THROUGH you and FOR you and everything is an opportunity for growth if we choose for it to be. Being willing to believe in something higher is faith in action. We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow and evolve when times are tough. Diamonds are formed under pressure. There needs to be a winter before spring emerges.

Let’s take the example of not having the money to pay your rent. You ask the question “How will I pay my rent?” The quality of question directly relates to the quality of answer one receives. How about a higher caliber question like “How can I make more money this month than I have all year?” Do you feel the difference in frequency?

Here are Four Tools to be practiced repeatably and daily. These tools are simple. Decide what you want. Envision yourself in it. Move in the direction of it.

You can’t have luck on the sofa. You have to be willing to DO. You have to be willing to risk it all.

  1. Notice what you are noticing.
  2. Ask what longing and discontent you have in your heart and in what areas of life.
  3. Ask what you would love.
  4. Ask what you can do right now with what you have to move you in the direction of your Vision

Other daily habits that are essential for Making your own luck:

A daily mediation practice is key to one tasing their awareness to effectively tap into “noticing what they are noticing.”

  • Practicing Gratitude continually.
  • Having a Vision that is designed and tested and repeating that Vision incessantly  becoming the person that attracts the life you desire by being it before you see it...more faith in action.
  • Being a Do-er. Being the person who doesn’t hold back from anything that their heart desires. Savages are lucky because they go after what they want because they know they make their own reality by putting in effort. There is no try in do. Successful people do things that they don’t want to do first. Consistent discipline is the key to everlasting change. Transforming your thoughts is mastery over results.

Here are 5 Thinking Tools I use to lift my vibration to become a frequency match to what my heart desires:

  1. GOD IS—The relationship you have with the Universe is huge in how you will relate to your Vision. If you have a history that involves a parent or authority figure that abandoned, deserted, or harmed you, you may have a fundamental core belief that the Universe is not friendly and you deserve to be punished or have a complete disconnect from the Divine in you because of this common and self-sabotaging belief. We must learn to adopt a belief that God is the one power, one presence, one mind and that essence is not outside you.
  2. I AM—I am the same energy of that thus created me and it is my duty and serve to be the clearest most compassionate and genuine person and to be my best expression of that which is most pure even though imperfect. We are not here to be perfect but we are here to be our best version of ourselves and that includes changing what you can and accepting what you cannot change and embracing that shit. I am here to be the most loving expression of myself and that starts with me. Sat Nam meaning “I am” is short for “I am truth” in Sanskrit is perfect segue to the next brilliant thinking tool that helps purify the mind by fire...
  3. The Truth Is—The truth is what it presents itself as, not what we want or have preference for it to be even if our ego believes. Perception can be argued but the Truth is the Truth. So be it. Your personal Truth however is solely based our your perceptions of how far you believe you can expand. Our stories can keep us small and the impressions that previous life experience has made is constantly up for review when you are most expressed. The Truth is you are an eternal Light being having an energetic human experience. Let’s find the adventure...
  4. I Release—I release that which is not in alignment with my highest and best good. That may be in the form of unaligned habits, people in your life that don’t deserve your bright energy, it could be your own insecurities, or it could be doubt, envy, worry, laziness, or old ways of thinking or being that don’t support where you want to go but maybe where you have been that you need to grow up from. I release any ideas that I am not enough as I am and open myself up to.
  5. I am Grateful For—I am so happy and grateful for this life. Every morning before I get out of bed I think of 5 things I am grateful for. Thinking of the things I am grateful for puts me in a vibration of receiving. When we focus on what we don’t have we draw the same low vibration energy towards us spinning in a negativity vortex. When we step outside of our preferences and just appreciate the things we do have already, we magnetize ourselves to attract similar or higher vibrational experiences and outcomes. What you focus on expands. I am grateful for the practice of gratitude.

Speaking these five simple mantras in a row: God Is, I Am, The Truth Is, I Release, I Am Grateful For is a great way to reminder to return to home. Luck is made by being in the moment in your own personal Truth, feeling grateful for what you have while releasing any old patterns that hold you down from knowing and BEING the highest vibrational version of yourself. Envision the future you desire until you see her in the mirror. Take action NOW because Luck is made! Even if things go wrong, which they still will...remember if you’ve done your best somethings are just destiny and life is about polarity. Sometimes we take action. Sometimes we have to surrender. You cannot control everything, but you can control your thoughts. If you took a Ph strip of the acidity level of your thoughts collectively throughout the day, where are you on the spectrum? These mantras are a great tool to course-correct, even if it takes 100 times. We aren’t here to be perfect...we are here to be in progress. Luck is made. Do the work, release the rest.

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