NA Drinks Going Mainstream

The pandemic is reaching a close as we approach herd immunity but the changes and revelations that occurred during this time seem to have stuck for many.

We launched our non-alcoholic beverage company just two months before Covid started. My business partner was concerned about the timing. I had a gut feeling all would be even better than we could have imagined. Destiny unfolded and the revolution I had envisioned since 2014 finally has manifested. The need for a gut health social beverage seemed clear to me as it is what I always longed for, but would others catch the buzz for a different kind of buzz?

Out of challenge and tragedy has blossomed a re-alignment for many (including myself) with the interest in the area of Mocktails, NA drinks, AF beverages, and social tonics…how refreshing it is to not want to ‘numb out’ or escape reality and be present to who we are with…ourSelves most importantly. 

Businesses are re-opening. Summer is near and drinks are flowing again. The question is: Will you go back to your old ways or stay inspired by the plethora of booze-free options that have taken storm in the past year?

Over at the iconic Roosterfish bar on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, a staple of the LGBTQ scene in greater Los Angeles for 40 years that closed and reopened 16 months later on Pride weekend in 2018, is ready to offer even more diversification to the community, some dirtier than others, and a few non-alcoholic beer options.

Check out their Top 3 Mocktails for Summer:


Rooster Fish Rooster Bucha


Dirty Spa Water—Wilderton Free’s slogan ‘Stay Wild & Free’ and Ferm Fatale’s slogan ‘Live Clean, Drink Dirty’ with this recipe using our new Wild Probiotic Tonic Water called iKonic Water, this drink screams Wild, Dirty, and Free…take me to the spa ASAP.

Rooster Fish x Ferm Fatale x Wilderton: Dirty Spa Water


The Virgin Eastsider

Rooster Fish The Virgin Eastsider


So if you are in LA Memorial Day weekend and are looking for an outdoor patio bar on the westside that offers history, flavor, and a diverse community with NA options, come through and redefine your Sunday Funday or Mockail Monday. And if you are Cali sober, Med Men just happens to be right next door. 

Cheers to your gut health!



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