No Dirt. No Daisies

No Dirt. No Daisies - Ferm Fatale

I’ll spare you all the cliche quotes about diamonds being formed under pressure or the proverbial grain of sand forming a pearl which btw, is actually a parasite that expels a protective liquid that forms layers and layers to create the iridescent shell around it. No mud. No lotus. Or, as I like to say: No Dirt. No Daisies. How apropos is it in this technological dependent society we have become. This pandemic, however you shake it, has caused a shake up. And if it hasn’t for you, I am so sorry, as this is an opportunity for growth and expansion however you cut it…pruning included. I am not denying the loss that this has created, but I do choose to focus on what I have gained. At the root of Ferm Fatale’s essence is “Challenge breeds possibility." Don’t miss it with your attention in the wrong place—It is time to be awake! It is time to allow the energetic shift that occurred with the mass meditation that occurred during Jupiter Pluto conjunct on 4/4 to move us in the direction of taking action on this new information that has been revealed. Stay awake! We must commit to what and who we are aligning our beliefs with once and for after all. We must have the death of winter to experience the rebirth of Spring or the age of Aquarius if we are lucky. If you remember from last month, Luck is Made.

As many of you know, I am no stranger to hardship, loss, and death. Most recently, my companion Louis Laurent transitioned on January 29th, just six days after his 8th birthday. Lou served a very important chapter in my life. He had been with me since the death of my old life in Florida 8 years ago before moving to Venice, CA to begin anew in so many ways. He was a little guru, even looked like baby Yoda. Intellectually I know that attachment causes pain, but I try to stay in the love and remembrance of eternal life. It is my belief in his and my energy not being destroyed only transformed that soothes my soul. I believe this from my own personal life experiences as a medium and intuitive + multiple outer body experiences and channeling. My physical body continues to show symptoms of grief being released. Exercise keeps the energy moving & meditation nourishes my nervous system which in turn keeps my immune system as balanced as it can be. With self diagnosed chronic Epstein Barre virus (*not autoimmune) I eat an anti-viral diet, drink raw water, and am sure to take in plenty of fermented foods & drinks and avoid sugar & alcohol. I am working on caffeine... a lady has her vices, but I do pretty well with moderation over all. I have started home workouts April 1st and quit drinking alcohol. I have never been without the gym nor rose’, so we shall see what is possible. My drink of choice…Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha-- Only 22 calories per bottle with zero net sugar! I feel empowered and renewed, such is the energy of Spring. Just remember this…out of the plague came the renaissance. What kind of spring cleaning is happening in your house? How will you come out on the other side of this a better person? What can you create in the uncertainty? Letting go is not releasing, it is allowing what already is.

Discover The Immortality Supplement—Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid aka HCL or stomach acid becomes more depleted with age & stress. Produced in the stomach lining, HCL is very important in protecting us from pathogens and microbes that come in on food, effectively sterilizing it. Its like liquid fire and would burn your skin if spilled on you. The stomach is protected with a thick mucus layer. If this layer breaks down HCL burns a hole through the stomach lining causing a gastric ulcer. Hypochlorhydria, or gastric hypo function causes many a health problem, not just ulcers though. The balance of this acid is vital to our overall health. Adequate HCL is necessary for the absorption of B12 from food and is essential in protein digestion. B12 deficiency causes weakness, fatigue and nervous system issues. Several minerals are needed as well including iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and most B-vitamins all require normal HCL levels. Vitamin C levels are low in people with poor stomach acid. Poor acids levels causes indigestion. Symptoms of hyperacidity often mimic those of hyperacidity. Chronic hives, eczema, thyroid issues, vitiligo, and weak adrenals have been associated with low HCL. If you suspect you have low levels go HCL, here are 3 ways to address it:

  • Get an HCL supplement 500mg with 150 mg of pepsin and take 2 on an empty stomach. Wait 20 minutes. If you feel nothing take another. Wait 20 minutes more. If you still feel nothing work your way up til the point of achieving heartburn. Back off one pill and take that amount 20 minutes before all heavy meals.
  • The Heidelberg capsule test—Swallow a radio transmitter the size of a pearl (*parasite coating included—see above reference) that measures your resting pH alternating that with baking soda challenges to determine whether or not you produce enough HCL.
  • Drink one Shrub-Bucha first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and drink another 20 min before supper. Do this for 30 days and see what happens. Expect a flatter tummy, skin that glows, and less acid reflex, indigestion and bloating. 
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