Sober October | Mindful drinking has become a thing.

Sober October | Mindful drinking has become a thing. - Ferm Fatale

The non-alcohol (NA) or alcohol-free (AF) movement is real and many more folks are jumping on the bandwagon or rather, off the old bandwagon. The question is ‘why now?’ The alcohol industry has become just as much of a toxic bully to Americans as Big Pharma has. Climate change and the growing toxicity in our environment causing so many mystery illnesses, folks are waking up to the conscious realization they need to eliminate as many additional toxins in our diet (including toxic thoughts). We need more choices in how we celebrate life. Why celebrate with something that isn’t making you any healthier? Mindful drinking has become a thing. We are evolving and we are at the forefront of the movement. Come with us. 

Listen to me speak at Lo & No about “Drinking Dirty & the Negative Effects of Alcohol on Gut Health.

Companies like ours, leading the movement starting with the idea of a convertible ‘social beverage' back in 2014 along with others are raising the bar by offering a multitude of options beyond the old ‘club soda’ while socializing with friends or just celebrating life on your own. It’s finally time. Why drink the proverbial ‘kool-aid' that both Western Medicine, Big Pharma, Alcohol & Tobacco serve? You can stop drinking the propaganda and be your own best advocate for the health of mind, heart, and gut. 

My NA journey started when I psychically couldn’t have alcohol without my body going into horrible cramping, bloating of the abdomen and feeling horribly for days after a single sip of beer. I was 24 years old without health insurance, though It wouldn’t have mattered when nothing preventative is covered by insurance anyway. I paid $5k out of pocket to be told I had H-pylori (bad bacteria) Candida, and another bad bacteria from fungi in my gut. My gallbladder was swollen. I had terrible mood swings, hypoglycemia and blurred vision. The doctors were little help. Because I developed vitiligo, they told me I had ‘autoimmune disease’. Not only has alcohol ever helped my health, it destroyed my childhood having an alcoholic father who abandoned me at birth and later when I married an alcoholic who I enabled for 22 years. Just like in nature, often the cure is right next to the poison. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands and got a degree in Natural Health Studies. Going back to my roots, incorporating wildly fermented foods, supplementing with HCL, enzymes and a variety of different probiotic strains, I got myself well within two years. I stabilized and settled into a successful career and a long term relationship while in silent torture, on auto-pilot. I was put on thyroid medication and stayed on it for 17 years until symptoms lead me to get off of the suppressant cold turkey last year. A suppression of symptoms wasn’t the answer. The more you hide or suppress your own sickness, the more it breeds. 

Just this week I received a diagnosis of Epstein Barre virus that is 20 years late; Nevertheless, I will transform this into power too. Living a ‘high-vibe life’ doesn’t mean everything is perfect nor denying the world around you to stay in your spiritual bypassing bubble. Being high-vibe means when life sends waves, you have the ability to surf your emotions and respond with grace. I had mononucleosis as a child which means it's been in my system since I was 8 or 9 years old. It feels good to call out this pathogen that likely has been the culprit for my lifelong sensitive system. Acknowledging this internal bully will be what defuses it. Watch the phoenix rise again. 

We are advocates for those of you have felt left out, misfits, and truth-telling underdogs. If you have been silenced, scapegoated, gaslit and yet still transform the victim vibes to hero shine, know that releasing the pain that comes from holding on so tightly to protect yourself sometimes can be the very thing that keeps the good from coming in.

Acknowledge, honor and Let go! To embody the healing power of the Divine Feminine we must believe what we are able to receive. 

Let nothing stop you from bubbling brightly from within as long as it’s not sugar coated, fake, or pasteurized. Keep your life like your probiotic mocktails; raw, organic, and flavorful. 

We all come to our NA journey for different reasons, but what we all have in common is the need for many reasons that pertain to the health of our heart, mind and gut and that is that the 'propaganda kool-Aid’ that Big Alcohol has served us, and it is not serving us well. Only you can overcome your story by writing a better ending ---Be a #surthriver 

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