The Candida Trauma Connection

The Candida Trauma Connection - Ferm Fatale

Certain factors like chronic stress affect the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, which influences immune function. Dysregulation of the nervous system causes deregulation of the organisms that occupy our bodies and play such a big part in our overall health. I contracted a virus (Epstein Barre) as a 9-year-old living with trauma daily having a parent with undiagnosed Borderline Personality disorder. Living under those types of conditions can disrupt the normal balance of good bacteria and fungi including an increase in candida even at an early age because the microbes respond to the host’s nervous system. Unresolved childhood trauma can cause complex trauma disorder. What do you think the solution to complex trauma disorder might be? Yep, resolving childhood trauma. If you think your candida (take the test to see if you have candida), sugar addiction, leaky gut and other symptoms likely lumped under ‘Autoimmune’ might be linked to trauma, you are not alone. 

This can be helped in several ways. Here are 3:

  • Omega 3’s: (high dose) to calm the nervous system
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a modified type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others
  • Low dose naltrexone: typically prescribed for alcohol abuse but also helps to bring inflammatory markers down while increasing serotonin levels

Studies have connected this pathogenic opportunistic yeast overgrowth different places in the body but it is always systemic and deeply affecting the nervous system. Because we have a second nervous system in the gut, this affects our digestion which directly affects the rest of the body such as the skin, hormones, sleep, anxiety, depression but mostly inflammatory markers that can eventually lead to worse health issues. Stress causes inflammation. Chronic stress = chronic inflammation. We must address our nervous system if we wish to heal past trauma balancing the microbiota once and for all. A lot of this is about behavior and thought process modification. Here are 3 things you can do to change your vibration:

  • Meditate daily: Make it a priority, it will accumulate in benefit when practiced regularly.
  • Do a Cleanse: address parasites, candida, bad bacterias that create dysbiosis. Repopulate with wildly fermented foods
  • Infrared sauna 20-30 minutes daily

The gut-brain-immune connection is obvious but the layers of being connected within the physical and energetic bodies is profound. One thing is for sure, the health of our inner and outer microbiota controls our immune system. Stress caused from chronic trauma weakens the immune system. We must regulate the nervous system to balance the organisms and to do so must include a holistic approach. Changing our thoughts, habits, and behaviors changes our vibration and in doing so puts us on a new frequency that candida and giving our power away are not on. Boundaries create freedom. Self discipline is a great first step in establishing boundaries with yourself so you are strong enough to set them with others. 

It’s Sober October. We can’t ever get sober if we don’t address our sugar intake which involves looking at choices like alcohol intake. We can’t ever heal trauma without addressing it. Are you ready to let go of what is not serving you like stress, sugar, and alcohol to cope with life’s challenges? Hangovers keep us from being our most mindful and present selves. Candida screams for sugar and alcohol—It must be killed. Are you ready to put the healing on high?

Our 21 Day Sugar Challenge starts Monday October 4th!


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