The Top Reason Why Gut Wellness is So Important Over 35

The Top Reason Why Gut Wellness is So Important Over 35 - Ferm Fatale

Studies show a rapid decline in the amount of Hydrochloric acid (digestive acid) and enzymes in the gut after age 35. Besides being important for digestion, assimilation, and absorption of nutrients from food, HCL greatly affects our body’s ability to protect us from bad bacteria, parasites, and other harmful toxins from entering the gut as HCL is a natural antiseptic. Hydrochloric acid protects us from harmful microbes that try to enter our gut on food and in the water we drink, including food poisoning. Low levels of HCL in the stomach encourages bacterial overgrowth. Adequate levels of HCL is necessary for the absorption of B12 from food. Minerals, the building blocks for gut health require an acidic environment for absorption making this even more important for skin, hair, nails, sleep, and so much more. 

Lower levels of HCL in the gut can certainly be due to higher stress levels (both acute and chronic), childhood trauma, unresolved psychological issues, but some just attribute it to age and hormone levels decreasing. We don’t have to settle for this normalcy! We know the gut & brain are interconnected. Exercise is helpful but not alone. Meditation naturally increases your serotonin (happiness hormone) levels by lowering stress to not further deplete your HCL levels. Making changes to your Lifestyle is changing the the way you live, think, and prioritize yourSelf. We cannot make changes by Diet alone. HCL is what I call the ‘Anti-Aging supplement.’ It is not about how you look but how you FEEL about yourself that is most important. Like I always say, ‘It all does start from within.’ We have the ability to age in reverse. Are you ready to take your health back into your own hands instead of being another statistic?

Signs of Low Gastric Acidity:

  • Bloating
  • Belching
  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Nausea after supplements
  • Food allergies
  • Chronic Candida 
  • Iron deficiency
  • Weak nails
  • Itching rectum

Here are 3 Ways to Increase your HCL:

1. Drink Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha 10 minutes before each large meal. Stop drinking alcohol as alcohol severely depletes HCL levels in the intestines.

2. Supplement with HCL 10 minutes before each large meal. How do you know how much to take? Take the suggested amount first. If you do not experience an acid reflux/heartburn sensation, try one more tablet with your next meal and build your way up until you do have that sensation and then back down a tablet as you have found your dosage. Continue using HCL for 30 days to see the results. Plant derived digestive Enzymes are also helpful. Try 1-2 tablets with meals for 4 weeks. 

3. Eat smaller meals more frequently and avoid liquids with meals

September brings Fall Equinox. Nature is becoming more Yin as we approach Winter Solstice, asking you to reflect her vibration of release. Seasonal transitions are the hardest on the immune system, so give yourself the support you need. Take our Rate Your Gut quiz & do our 7 Day Cleanse. Let go of toxins from your mind, body, and gut and Go into Fall Equinox lighter, brighter, and more balanced. 




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