Why do I crave sugar after not drinking alcohol?

Why do I crave sugar after not drinking alcohol? - Ferm Fatale

The answer is found in the pathogenetic yeast overgrowth called candida.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms after a night of drinking alcohol?

  1. itchiness and/or breakouts around the crotch or butt crack areas
  2. Geographic tongue (white with spots)
  3. Skin outbreaks; forehead, nape of neck
  4. Constipation or diarrhea
  5. Depression and/or anxiety
  6. Brain fog
  7. Major sugar cravings

If so, these are acute symptoms of candida. The long term chronic symptoms caused by this troublesome pathogen cause long term inflammation that can lead to diseases such as bowel cancer, diabetes, ongoing nail fungus, mental disorders and more. Candida yeast naturally lives in and on the body, but it is an overgrowth that can lead to health problems. Alcohol converts to sugar (no matter what) so don’t buy the false marketing. Candida feeds off of sugar. Candida overgrowth can cause digestive issues, fatigue, joint pain and mental health related symptoms. When candida begins to grow uncontrollably it can cause an infection known as candidiasis. In fact, candida is one of the most common fungal infections in humans.

What causes candidiasis?

High alcohol intake, taking antibiotics, eating a diet high in sugar and refined carbs, taking oral contraceptives, a weakened immune system and high stress levels. This is quiet common in women between the ages of 21-38. Hormones play a huge role in microbiota imbalance in the gut.

Mind Body / Gut Brain connection

When you're craving sugar and alcohol, it's not your brain that is out of balance, it's your gut microbiome. It is not in your head, it's actually coming from your gut!

Just eliminating alcohol doesn’t make this pathogenic opportunistic yeast go away, you have to kill it, repopulate the gut with good bacteria, and change the behaviors that played a part in the dance to begin with. Similarly, if you want change you need to do things differently. We need to address the core energetic components that relate to candida, autoimmune disease and its connection to inflammation in and outside the body as it relates to boundary issues in relationships. This holistic way of addressing these interconnected issues isn’t often supported by Western medicine. I was told many times my symptoms were ‘all in my head’ when actually it was what was happening in my gut, but they knew nothing about how to help me. Since 2001 I have been struggling to get to the bottom of chronic intestinal candidiasis and finally have begun to heal dysbiosis and bring harmony to my gut and my mind once and for all, healing my core from the inside out.

So how do you heal Candida once and for all?

  1. Stop feeding it. Join our 21 day Sugar Challenge and see why we make detoxing from sugar such a big deal. Consider this the most important step.
  2. High protein, high fiber diet that helps you live a lifestyle that suits you while beating this evil culprit.
  3. Kill it. Take grapefruit seed extract, NAC, Neem, Caprylic acid, Berberine and HCL
  4. Repopulate with enzymes, pre and probiotics *all shared in the Group –Join now.

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Love and Kisses Julie

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