Vinegar and fruit juice based beverage "Shrub" was enjoyed by 13th century Italian peasants working in the fields as a means to “cool off”, long before Coca-Cola came on the scene in the US which was first marketed as a health tonic.


Kombucha is fermented tea cultured by using a scoby (symbiotic combination of bacteria & yeast.) When the live organism eats the sugar it produces a large amount of B-vitamins, naturally occurring enzymes, acids, and bacteria that support gut wellness. Historically used as a healing tonic in Asia for centuries, kombucha is detoxifying and effervescent.


Shrub-Bucha is the world’s first shelf stable, yet raw, live, organic, zero sugar, and probiotic non-alcoholic social beverage in classic cocktail flavors. At only 22 calories per bottle, these hand crafted social beverages are meant to inspire you to live your joy day and night.

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