Ferm Fatale

Shrub-Bucha Six-Pack (7oz bottles)-Madame Mule


Colonial throwback ginger lime “shrub” or “vinegar based fruit juice” mixed with health tonifying kombucha (fermented tea,) this delicious zero net sugar probiotic mocktail at only 22 calories a bottle tastes & feels like a major Moscow Mule upgrade! With a little naturally occurring bubble added to this classic cocktail flavor, drink it straight from the bottle or pour it into a copper mug, but rest assured you will kick the sugar & alcohol if you desire with this spicy mix!

Ingredients: organic kombucha, organic lime juice, organic ginger juice, monk fruit.

Raw, live, vegan, wildly fermented, loaded with good bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and acids to support healthy digestion, immune function, and radiant skin!

Madame Mule



Ferm Fatale isn’t JUST the world’s first line of zero sugar, wildly fermented, raw, live, and organic “ready to drink” mocktails in classic cocktail flavors. Ferm Fatale is a SOCIAL REVOLUTION. We are “raising the bar” by offering an alternative to your typical social beverages that are loaded with sugar and alcohol, giving you freedom to have a healthier choice while socializing. Our mocktails are high in B vitamins, good bacteria, yeast, and enzymes that support and detoxify your liver instead of tax it. These detoxifying elements make you glow from the inside out, so you can wake up and crush it the next morning. Drinking dirty is about consuming good bacteria, as we know that the gut is the source of health. Local, seasonal, small-batch, and artisanal, these drinks are meant to inspire you to live your joy day or night. Life is meant to be celebrated.

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