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Upon Waking


Express your Five Gratitudes–State five things you are grateful for in your life before your feet touch the ground.



Juice a full bunch of organic celery 16oz. I generally do this the night before. Use a cold pressed juicer, not a centrifugal one as this oxidizes vital enzymes. I use Omega.


15 minutes later…




First to ingest:

1). Water with lemon 16oz


2). Water Kefir 4-6oz or a quality Probiotic



3). If you drink Coffee or tea, make it organic. I recommend adding some fat like Ghee or Organic coconut cream and perhaps an adaptogenic herb like Rhodiola or mushrooms like Chaga or Coryceps. I get my superfoods from Sunpotion.




Meditate for 20 minutes




Read your Vision Aloud (*naked in the mirror preferable)–Get into the vibration by feeling what your life would feel like as if your Vision has already unfolded and fucking believe it.





Sip on Bone Broth or Drink a Ferm Fatale Smoothie (*This recipe will be posted on the blog next–stay tuned) 12-16oz