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Ferm Fatale isn’t JUST the world’s first line of zero sugar, wildly fermented, raw, live, and organic “ready to drink” mocktails in classic cocktail flavors. Ferm Fatale is a SOCIAL REVOLUTION. We are “raising the bar” by offering an alternative to your typical social beverages that are loaded with sugar and alcohol, giving you freedom to have a healthier choice while socializing. Our mocktails are high in B vitamins, good bacteria, yeast, and enzymes that support and detoxify your liver instead of tax it. These detoxifying elements make you glow from the inside out, so you can wake up and crush it the next morning. Drinking dirty is about consuming good bacteria, as we know that the gut is the source of health. Local, seasonal, small-batch, and artisanal, these drinks are meant to inspire you to live your joy day or night. Life is meant to be celebrated.


As a Funeral Director Julie Cielo worked with the dead. As a Yoga Therapist & Transformational Life Coach she helps the living really live. From growing up fermenting with her Italian immigrant grandfather in rural PA, to having recovered from a debilitating Autoimmune disease, she discovered a simple Truth–the gut is the source of health and good bacteria cures. The mastery of fermented foods is that first you must let it rot before it becomes life preserving. Living Clean has less to do with what you do or don’t put in your mouth and more to do with the unconscious thoughts you sip on all day long. Living Clean is about transforming perceptions, letting go of old beliefs that don’t serve you, and focusing on what is ahead with a clean and powerful mindset. The magic of life is found in its polarity. We must first embrace our darkness to find the power of our own inner light. Trust your Self. Live your truth. Focus on the connection with the Divine inside of you and shine that LOVE out into the world. The Ferm Fatale philosophy is about seeing life’s challenges as possibilities and to grow and evolve and realizing that it is your imperfections that make you sexy and unique.

Heath is wealth. Love is invisible. Take a sip…we dare you.