The 'Dirty Dozen' are twelve wild fermented drinks we use as the bases for our 'probiotic mocktail' recipes.
These historical wild ferments provide a gut-conscious alternative to consuming alcoholic drinks.

Watch the video and click on the recipes below to learn about the health benefits of incorporating fermented drinks into your diet.
Click here to learn more about the 'Negative Effects of Alcohol on Gut Health.'

Our 'Dirty Dozen' base recipes are drinks you can make at home. Additionally, we share a library of 'Signature Recipes' for each of them to inspire you to 'Live Clean, while Drinking Dirty!'


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Our Dirty Dozen Fermented Drinks

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 Water Kefir 

photo of Water Kefir


photo of Jun mocktail


photo of Tepache

 Ginger Bug  

photo of Ginger Bug


photo of Mead mocktail


photo of Kombucha mocktail


photo of Oxymel mocktail


photo of Kvass mocktail


photo of tej mocktail


photo of Shrub mocktail

Milk Kefir

photo of milk kefir mocktail


photo of Pulque mocktail

Bonus Ferments


photo of Cider mocktail


photo of Switchel mocktail