Pulque is a fermented beverage with roots in Mesoamerican cultures. In some ways similar to beer, Pulque is made from fermented juice or sap from the maguey plant (agave americana).

The drink was so popular in different cultures, it had its own goddess that is commonly featured in Mesoamerican mythology. Served throughout the region on a daily basis, pulque was popular at religious festivals and celebrations like weddings, offerings to gods and agricultural ceremonies. The Huastec even used pulque as an enema to administer hallucinogens in the ancient Americas.

In the late 1800's, pulque began to be looked down on by the upper and middle classes in Mexico. Pulque became a drink commonly associated with the lower classes. Today, harder alcohol like tequila and rum have taken pulque's place in celebrations, but one can still purchase pulque oftentimes sweetened with fruit juices from street vendors.

Dirty Dozen Recipe

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