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Obviously I am not talking about a bush here. The term shrub refers to a vinegar-based tonic that dates to biblical times when it was written Ruth shared a vinegar drink while working in the fields of Boaz. Adding a batch of fermented fruits or vegetables, shrub is sometimes cured in a jug placed under a shade tree. The vinegar-fruit-vegetable drink, or shrub, was also poured over ice if it was available. Thus, shrub became an authentic soft drink.

The production of Ferm Fatale’s Shrub-Bucha mocktails was inspired by the stories my grandfather used to tell about the Southern Italian field workers who drank vinegar-based beverages infused with fruit juices.These drinks were homemade during a pre-soda era.

It is refreshing to see vinegar-based drinks on the rise in the U.S. again as consumers are more educated about health, and are recognizing the merits of vinegar beverages once more.

There is a long history of vinegar tonics, known as switchels, typically made with vinegar, water and molasses.

I would like to think the American palate is beginning to understand the value of more astringent foods — becoming less obsessed with sugar — and the collective can re-train its palate, thus ending sugar cravings.

We live in a culture that adds sugar to everything. Sugar serves its purpose in the fermentation process. Bees love it. We however, are not designed to ingest sugar. Do you know the average American ingests six cups of sugar a week! We wonder why so many people are overweight, sick and unhappy! Sugar is known to suppress the immune system, cause mineral deficiencies, accentuate mood disorders, and accelerate the aging process. Take your health back into your own hands, put down the Coke and switch to Shrub-Bucha. We fermented all the sugar out of it but left trillions of beneficial properties that support healthy digestion and glowing skin — from the inside out!

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