Ferm Fatale isn’t JUST the world’s first line of zero sugar, wildly fermented, raw, live, and certified organic “ready to drink” mocktails in classic cocktail flavors. Ferm Fatale is a SOCIAL REVOLUTION. We are “raising the bar” by offering an alternative to your typical social beverages that are loaded with sugar and alcohol, giving you freedom to have a healthier choice while socializing. 'Drinking Dirty' is about enjoying our mocktails that are high in B vitamins, good bacteria, yeast, and enzymes that support and detoxify your liver instead of tax it. These detoxifying elements make you glow from the inside out, so you can wake up and crush it the next morning. The gut is the source of health. Local, seasonal, small-batch, and artisanal, these drinks are meant to inspire you to live your joy day or night. Life is meant to be celebrated.

'Living Clean' is living with a clean heart — a heart free of hate; a gut free of fear; a body, mind and spirit free of shame, blame and anger, transforming dead, decayed matter and free-floating residue in our subconscious just as much as in our colon.

Awareness, Intuition, Strength, Power, Discipline, Devotion, Faith, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Presence and Self Love are the pillars of 'Living Clean'. Explore our complimentary 'Living Clean Principles' page with cooresponding library of guided meditations on Soundcloud to help support you on your path. We are thrilled to announce our new '21 Day Sugar Challenge' with private Facebook Group where you can receive coaching with our Founder, Julie herself!

'Living Clean' is about transforming challenges into possibilities and embracing life’s imperfections as opportunities to accept what cannot be changed and the courage to change what can be changed, thus fortifying the ability to live an empowered life that you love living.

'Living Clean' is about releasing the inner victim narrative and redefining yourself as the hero of your story. 'Living Clean' is about the transformation of consciousness. You cannot be happy if you hate your story, but you can find peace in focusing on what you can do: write a new chapter, draft a new ending, but mostly ---let your story go entirely and BE IN THE NOW because it is a gift!

Even though we are eternal energy light beings in earth suits that decay and wear out over time, unlike our true essence that lives on beyond time and space, we are here to evolve consciously. The question becomes: “How do we evolve consciously and why is it important to us?”

'Living Clean' and 'Drinking Dirty' teaches us how to see things more clearly to better empower ourselves to make a difference in our inner and outer worlds.

At Ferm Fatale, we use soil and mud as a metaphor because mud represents the outer world — the earthly microbiome. Mud is loaded with microbes. Dirt is how we are all connected. Dirt is where we came from and where we will return. The health of the earth’s microbiome affects our own health because minerals found in the ground feed our body’s most basic nutritional needs for gut health.

Both our oceans and our soils are becoming more and more toxic because of unbridled pollution. We have gone out of our way to create packaging that supports the health of our planet which determines our ability to live on earth without disease.

'Living Clean' is about taking a stand for our planet, the health of our soils and oceans, because we understand the interconnectedness of all things.

Please understand that this is a live, wildly fermented product bottled in glass so be cautious when opening and please understand the challenges we face to deliver you such integrity in a bottle.

Every day we all make choices that affect our world. It is up to us to take action by educating ourselves and getting involved in ways we can, because turning a blind eye is how we got where we are now. Thank you for honoring what a challenge it has also been to invent a whole new category of beverage in a male dominated industry. We appreciate your support immensely! You are helping us to make a difference in this world and we could not do it without YOU!

You will learn 'Drinking Dirty' is more than just putting down some mocktails. We must rise up and take action. Our consciousness is on the rocks and it’s high time to serve some truth straight up, so join Culture Club now to get all the dirt that is fresh and new with Ferm Fatale.

Live Clean, Drink Dirty!



As a Medium and Mortician, Julie Cielo worked with the dead. As a Yoga Therapist, Transformational Life Coach and founder of Ferm Fatale, she helps the living really live. From growing up fermenting with her Italian immigrant grandfather in rural PA, to having recovered from a debilitating Autoimmune disease, she discovered a simple Truth–the gut is the source of health and good bacteria cures. The mastery of fermented foods is that first you must let it rot before it becomes life preserving. Julie resides in Venice Beach, California.


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