Ferm Fatale FAQ's

Doesn’t everything fermented contain some alcohol?

Yes, including our product. However, non-alcoholic drinks are regulated by the State & Federal governments and cannot contain more than .05 ABV, which our product adheres to.

Can I have your product if I am pregnant?

We defer all medical questions to your doctor. We are a non-alcoholic drink, not zero alcohol–There is a difference.

How can your product be shelf stable and still have live organisms in it?

Because it is live. We have not pasteurized our product. It is raw. It’s because all the sugar has been fermented out of it. It’s called science and years and years of formulation. :)

How many do you recommend I drink a day?

As many as your big heart desires. Drink up and know that you are repopulating your gut microbiome with every sip!

What are CFU’s? Is that something like a UFO?

Kinda, haha..CFU stands for ‘colony forming unit’ and represents the number of live organisms per ounce of liquid. We have over 100M per 8oz can of Ferm Fatale. This is high and we are proud of it.

How was Ferm Fatale started?

Our Founder was sick with autoimmune disease and Epstein Barr in her 20’s (2001) at a concert when she felt left out when she couldn’t drink alcohol. In 2015 she helped start a global movement raising over $1M in seed capital to finally launch in 2019..

Can my kids drink these?

Kids (especially babies) love our product!

What is your favorite flavor?

The Variety pack, I love them all!

Is Ferm Fatale all about feminism?

Ferm Fatale is about freedom, however you want to pour it.

What does Drink Dirty mean?

Oops, got too technical, did we? The dirt describes the good bacteria, live enzymes and living digestive acids contained in our products.