Living Clean Principles

You may think Living Clean and Drinking Dirty is all about gut health and diet, exclusively. But, no. There is more depth here than meets the eye.

Transformation is only possible when we overthrow the victim within us to become the hero of our dreams. The victim feeds on generational patterns of codependency - patterns that may have arisen from outdated and faded beliefs.

Living Clean is living with a clean heart — a heart free of hate; a gut free of fear; a body, mind and spirit free of shame, blame and anger. Developing and practicing the principles here will transform the dead, decayed matter that is free-floating residue in your subconscious just as much as in your colon.

The Principles for Living Clean overlap yet gradually build upon one another beginning with awareness. Awareness breeds intuition. The expansion of these subtle realities allows you to incite the power of your own intuition. Intuition and insight are born from a deep trust in your feelings. You may know it as a sixth sense. Feeling your feelings and discerning what is mind and what is spirit speaking through you is an art. To hone your skills, the process requires as much practice and discipline as the art of fermentation.

Understanding the difference between forcing life and allowing and receiving is also an art that supports one truly embodying Strength & Power. This comes from transforming ones Perceptions & Beliefs.

Lack of Forgiveness is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies. Lack of Acceptance literally blocks the good that is yours from entering your life.
Being grateful for what we have allows us to become the vibration of abundance as thoughts have a current that affects what manifests in our lives. An attitude and frequency of Gratitude must be felt first before the flow of good to come our way.

Presence and self love are the currents that run through all of these principles.
Awareness, Presence, Intuition, Strength, Power, Perceptions and Beliefs, Devotion, Faith, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Surrender and Self Love are the principles of Living Clean. Take a look at each to be inspired about embodying all of them.

Living Clean is about taking a stand for our planet, the health of our soils and oceans, because we understand the interconnectedness of all things.

You will learn Drinking Dirty is more than just putting down some Shrub-Bucha. We must rise up and take action. Our consciousness is on the rocks and it’s high time to serve some truth straight up!

Want to make significant changes that last and transform your mind, heart, and gut all at once?
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