Living Clean Principle No. 9: Forgiveness

Affirmation: ‘I free myself and others from the grip of unforgiveness.’

The person you see most challenging in your life as a reflection of your own subconscious and bring to light all we need to forgive and let go of in order to receive more. This does not mean we forget. Forgiveness doesn't mean you need to keep people in your life. Anger, resentment, bitterness, denying ourselves pleasure and joy because of guilt or shame, inflicting a variety of different kinds of pain onto ourselves because we never forgave ourself for shit from the past — all ways we allow your past to keep us stuck and small and are a sure way to keep anger, sadness and poor self esteem alive, bogging us down in low vibrational victim mentalities. Every time you resist acting on anger you rewire your brain to be more calm and loving, both traits of a peaceful person, a more loving person. Ironically, it is equally as important to use your voice if you previously have not. Sometimes if you have not expressed anger due to being shut down we need to offer ourselves compassion and forgive ourselves for not reacting appropriately in the moment. Learn from our mistakes and show up for ourselves next time.
It is when we see ourselves in others and others in ourselves that we realize our interconnectedness. This is called compassion. We need compassion to forgive. Realizing people's poor behavior or choice of words is their issue and you stop taking things personally, it is a lot easier to forgive. Giving ourselves grace and taking action and accountability allows for personal growth.You can only receive love when you give it. Love is the answer. Love through forgiveness is worthy of our devotion, starting with ourselves and honoring our desires and boundaries even if that means losing people and letting go of the past to enjoy the present.