Living Clean Principle No. 10: Gratitude

Affirmation: ‘I am grateful for the challenges in my life as they reveal possibilities.’

The first step in becoming a vibrational match for what you desire is being grateful for what you already have. Surround yourself with people who are not stuck in the same kind of story and are living the life you are moving toward, not the life you are coming from. If you feel the emotion or think a thought that is not in alignment with your vision, change your state of being: get up and dance, play music but associate something you love with your new story. Make a list of your successes and remember how you felt in a previous success and put that person on. Our words are a window to our thoughts so be aware of your words.

Learning how to consciously feel your feelings in your body is the first step to discovery. Getting really real with the conversations you have daily with yourself when situations arise is as equally important as where you put your attention. This mindset is the breeding ground for what you have the ability to receive and create. This brings us back to awareness. 

Ferm Fatale · Gratitude & Presence Meditation