Living Clean Principle No. 2: Intuition

Affirmation: ‘I trust my gut.’

 The phrase, gut instinct, is intuition in action. The connection between those two words is no coincidence. Your gut intuition is an instantaneous response or knowing the truth in a matter. Follow your gut instinct, because an increasing number of study results are indicating the health of the gut may play an even greater role in the health of the mind than previously believed. Scientific studies have shown the quality of our energy is proving to have more importance on our well being than our chemistry. Living Clean is about clearing the field of negative energy that affects the outcomes of our lives, as well as aligning with the desires of our hearts, to in turn align with the divine itself. This pathway opens the door to our intuition..our sixth sense. It is not 100% intellectual nor is it all energetic, it is both--all of you, not a fractured version of your ego driven desires. This is why when we rely on our first gut reaction it is oftentimes most accurate. We are animals. We often need to get out of our head and into our body to embody intuition. Living Clean inspires you to be present, not do, just be. If awareness is the background music, then the conversation taking place is intuition.

Ferm Fatale · Intuition Meditation