Living Clean Principle No. 6: Perception & Beliefs

Affirmation: ‘I attract the life I love living.’

You are the answer to what you might have been seeking outside yourself to save yourself. You must be the hero of your life. Sometimes that means being the bigger person and releasing the resistance someone else put on you. It is not what happens to you, it is how you respond that determines the outcome. If you desire long term, substantial, personal growth, you must change your internal patterns before you see the outer world change around you, and that means responding differently to how you perceive yourself. How you perceive yourself is grounded by core beliefs that come from your early developmental years.

It is impossible to love yourself if you still hold anger, hatred, fear or bitterness toward someone else. With this kind of inner resistance, you are not available to receive life’s greatness. As you raise your vibration, continuing to reach for higher and higher thoughts, moment by moment, you begin to feel the internal resistance evaporate thus opening the gateway to your higher purpose. You realize the transformation of your perceptions and beliefs about yourself and the world around you is defining your world. The art of being the hero of your new story is your refusal to be defined by your back story. This requires you to let go of something you once thought and felt, and release the principles you once held onto so dearly. You are more than that. You are love in action.

Transformation is about unlearning old patterns of conditioning you have clung to out of ignorance. The darkness in life may actually show you the power of your own inner light. Love yourself and all of your imperfections as you  grow and evolve.

Transformation is not about the destination, it’s all about the person you become along the way. Don’t allow yourself to go back to sleep. Doubt, insecurity and fear arise when you ignore your inner light, your power source. It is up to you to transform your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. It is your response-ability to be the person who attracts the life you love living.

Ferm Fatale · Perceptions & Beliefs Meditation