Affirmation: ‘I am where I put my attention.’

If you want true, everlasting personal freedom that results in more happiness, joy, self-love and harmony, it starts with awareness and presence.
From that presence, you feel your feelings, honor them, and ask for or take what you need in integrity instead of scavenging for crumbs and wondering why everyone else seems to have their needs met except you. Systematically you begin to build a foundation of trust in yourself again. You create safety and security for yourself, not by hiding out, but by being more of you. If you want other people to perceive you a certain way, you must first show up for yourself. You must believe you are worthy of receiving greatness before you actually experience it.
Worthiness is the key core belief that gets talked about a lot, but many people don’t know what it even looks or feels like. The bedrock of self-worth is self-love. Self-love doesn’t mean you take everything you want from life with no concern about the people around you. Self-love isn’t about bubble baths and quiet time alone, although it can look like that. True self love is about filling your own cup first and allowing the overflow to go to all those around you who are also worthy because they earned your love. This is a different approach to love, unlike the concept of giving to others to try to attract love, which might be what you were taught early on. When you truly love yourself, even if someone may have harmed you, you love yourself so much you know holding onto any resistance only hurts you more. As you practice self-love and experience the deepest truth you are worthy of love, which I will talk about thoroughly, you begin to transform your negative core beliefs around your own self-worthiness thus experience the positive feedback from within.

  You are love in action. 

Ferm Fatale · Gratitude & Presence Meditation