Living Clean Principle No. 11: Self Love

Affirmation: ‘My imperfections are what make me sexy and unique.’

Self love is at the heart of true long-lasting healing and transformation. Noticing what we are noticing, tapping into our heart’s longing, and deciding to live from the vision of the heart’s deepest desires requires an awareness of our core beliefs and a shift into a new way of believing. This new way of believing is the path to self love. When we say no to something that is not in alignment with our vision or heart’s desire, we say yes to ourselves.

Taking this just one step further, when we notice immediately someone or something isn’t operating at the frequency of our vision, we don’t even need to experience the no part of the process, creating more resistance. We can just simply choose yes to our deserving, our being good enough, our belief of ourselves as co-creators, luminous light beings having a human experience. Never give failure or negativity any breathing room. This is a different way of existing than most of us have ever known possible. The more we are aware, the more we practice, the better we get at recognizing. This discipline requires we embrace a real sense of who we are, a higher awareness, a sharp intuition tuned into the frequency of the heart, operating as love. Discovering our blind spots (core beliefs that limit us from attracting our desires) is the key to unlocking our heart, that holds the capacity to heal our guts at a level that is truly transformative, allowing for supreme wellness. Developing our sense of deserving is the name of the game, hence why our primary principle is self love that requires self awareness.


Ferm Fatale · Self Love Meditation