Living Clean Principle No. 4: Strength

Affirmation: ‘I am brave and feel fear but do epic shit anyway.’

There are three types of strength we can transform in our lives: physical, mental-emotional and spiritual. To develop all types of strength requires consistency, resistance and focus. Consistency requires commitment and discipline. Resistance comes in many forms — heavy weights you must pick up to overcome challenge, hardship and loss. Focus is one of yoga’s tools for transformation evoked in such practices as breath control, eye gaze and letting go in corpse pose.

 A healthy relationship with the divine presence inside yourself is key to harnessing your power from within.

When we are happy we can really empower ourselves to come back home to our authenticity to overcome negative core beliefs by shining the light of awareness on them, undoing old patterns and freeing ourselves from ongoing and unnecessary suffering. Happiness is an inside job.

If we believe we are the one in charge of our thoughts and start changing the thoughts that do not serve us, that are not in alignment with what it is we want to be creating, then we find our power. The key is to realize you are not your thoughts. You are the one watching your thoughts.

If you believe you are a victim to what is happening in your life, and your circumstances are greater than the power within, you will never know what you are capable of — stuck in your evolutionary process.

What you think, you become.


Ferm Fatale · Strength & Power Meditation