Affirmation: ‘I accept myself as co-creator of my reality and release all that is not mine, staying open for what is.’

In a polarized culture that wants to see in black and white to divide and separate, strive to be the person who sees the many shades of grey. Expand your perceptions and widen your horizons by believing in infinite possibilities. Realize your connection to all beings. 

You are an eternal light being having a human experience. When you focus on how similar you are to others and appreciate diversity rather than judge others for their differences, you may begin to see your place in this organized cosmic chaos called human evolution.

 The choice between fear and love takes place moment by moment. We must take responsibility for our own choices and encourage others to empower themselves too. If someone harms you, forgive them. If they deny or don’t change their behavior, ask for forgiveness for yourself and move on, but set boundaries. Boundaries offer freedom by creating the balance that gives us life’s grace. How you feel about the person who harms you, and how you feel about yourself is your work, no one else’s.