Ferm Fatale Launches Zero Sugar Probiotic Mocktail

Jan. 3, 2020
– Ferm Fatale, the world’s first zero sugar probiotic mocktail, is kicking off the New Year with the official launch of a line of shelf stable, raw, vegan, organic, probiotic non-alcoholic beverages. At only 22 calories and zero sugar per bottle, Ferm Fatale’s mocktails offer an alternative to typical beverages loaded with sugar and alcohol, giving consumers the freedom to enjoy a healthier choice while socializing.

Ferm Fatale’s probiotic mocktails are hand crafted Shrub-Bucha, a unique mixture of “Shrub” (vinegar-based fruit juice) and “Kombucha” (fermented caffeine-free black tea). Shrub-Bucha is the first shelf stable, yet raw, live, and organic, zero net sugar, probiotic non-alcoholic beverage, available in classic cocktail flavors. Designed to be enjoyed socially, these probiotic mocktail’s are filled with live bacteria, yeast, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that support and detoxify your liver instead of tax it.

After earning a degree in Natural Health Studies specializing in Digestive Wellness, founder Julie Cielo created these beverages with health in mind. She began her fermentation journey at a young age with her grandfather who immigrated to America from Italy. He taught her about fermentation canning and healthy cooking, inspiring the drink formulation of Julie’s beverages.

“After recovering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, I re-discovered a simple truth I had learned long ago from my grandfather,” explains Julie. “That truth is this: the gut is the source of health and good bacteria cures. I was tired of drinks filled with sugar and alcohol, so I created a gut-healthy, probiotic, non-alcoholic drink you can enjoy while socializing.”

Ferm Fatale rolled out its first two flavors, Margarita and Cosmopolitan during a soft-launch this past Halloween. With its official launch in the new year, Ferm Fatale is excited to release its two newest flavors: Nojito and Madame Mule. The Nojito is a spin on the classic Mojito cocktail with mint and lime, and the Madame Mule is an alternate take on the Moscow Mule with ginger and lime.

This female founded brand is more than just a healthy mocktail. Through its brand messaging and debut commercial, Ferm Fatale promotes a strong message about human equality and aims to shift the boundaries of what society sees as black or white. Ferm Fatale will also launch its podcast in 2020, advocating these views in addition to promoting a healthy gut and lifestyle.

Ferm Fatale is currently available online at fermfatale.com, at all five Erewhon Markets in Los Angeles, California and at Roosterfish bar in Venice Beach, California. Bottled in Portland, Oregon, and distributed in Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles, Ferm Fatale is expanding distribution to the Pacific Northwest in 2020. For more information on the full product portfolio, visit fermfatale.com.

About Ferm Fatale

Ferm Fatale mocktails are the worlds first shelf stable, zero sugar probiotic social beverage. The product line features four classic cocktail flavors: the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Madame Mule and Nojito. Ferm Fatale’s mocktails are high in B vitamins, good bacteria, yeast and enzymes that support and detoxify the liver and support gut health. Bottled in Portland, Oregon and distributed in Portland and Los Angeles, these small-batch mocktails are meant to inspire consumers to live their best life, day or night. Life is meant to be celebrated… Live Clean, Drink Dirty with Ferm Fatale.

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