KGW: Thirsty Thursday: Ferm Fatale 

Jan. 16, 2020


VegWorld Magazine: World's 1st Probiotic Cocktail-Ferm Fatale

Nov. 6, 2020

This new kombucha company has made it possible to sip to your health with probiotic mocktails!

These non-alcoholic social beverages are raw, live, vegan, wildly fermented, loaded with good bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and acids to support healthy digestion, immune function, and radiant skin! At only 22 calories per bottle, Shrub-Bucha is zero net sugar so you get to look and feel great while you imbibe.

We personally love that there’s no alcohol in this booch! Makes drinking a bottle or two feel even better!

Available in 4 varieties, including Nojito, Margarita, Madame Mule and Cosmopolitan.


Dee-Lightful Finds on Living Local 

Oct. 20, 2020

As seen on RSWLiving, CapeCoralLiving, Gulf&Main, and Times of the Islands Magazines: Wildly Fermented

Nov. 23, 2020

Mocktail lovers now can be both social and more healthful with Shrub-Bucha drinks from 
Ferm Fatale. In flavors such as Nojito, Margarita, Madame Mule and Cosmopolitan, these raw, live, vegan, wildly fermented beverages are loaded with good bacteria, yeast, enzymes and acids to support healthy digestion, immune function and radiant skin. Combining vinegar-based fruit juice with kombucha, Shrub-Bucha is only 22 calories per bottle, so you can splurge on dessert without blowing your diet. (Six-pack of seven-ounce bottles, $23.99)


WholeFoods: Probiotic Mocktail Line

Mar. 9, 2021

Ferm Fatale has released a line of fermented probiotic mocktails: Shrub-Bucha. Packing high levels of B12 and trillions of live organisms and acids that support optimal digestion and immune function, Ferm Fatale comes in four classic cocktail flavors, the company says.


BevNET Magazine November/December 2020

After celebrating the brand’s first birthday on Halloween, Ferm Fatale is gearing up to add a new 4-pack variety in addition to its Shrub-Bucha 6-packs. Each flavor of Shrub-Bucha will be available in one case: CosmopolitanMadame Mule, Margaritaand Nojito