LIVE CLEAN, DRINK DIRTY: 6 Weeks to Transform your Heart, Mind & Gut


For the first time ever, I am sharing all the tools I used to transform my Heart, Mind and Gut to overcome my story. I want that for you as well!

Are you holding on to things that don’t serve you? 

You can choose to just survive or you can choose to ‘surthrive’. ‘Surthriving’ happens when you take negative thoughts and beliefs (ie; ‘shit’) and use it as compost for the garden of your life. You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind.

Living Clean is about transforming perceptions, letting go of old beliefs that don’t serve you, and focusing on what is ahead with a clean and powerful mindset. Living Clean has less to do with what you do or don’t put in your mouth and more to do with the unconscious thoughts you sip on all day long.

The magic of life is found in its polarity. We must first embrace our darkness to find the power of our own inner light. Trust your Self. Live your truth. Focus on the connection with the Divine inside of you and shine that LOVE out into the world. The Ferm Fatale philosophy is about seeing life’s challenges as possibilities and to grow and evolve and realizing that it is your imperfections that make you sexy and unique.

The microbiome is a trendy word right now but it does not speak to the multifaceted connections it shares with your mind and heart. However, you are a bacteria sapien! You are made of more bacteria cells than human cells. You will discover what might be limiting you from optimal gut health and learn all about wild fermentation (ie; Drinking Dirty) to ensure high vibe digestive wellness.


Let's get down and dirty together!