Everyone should be adding fermented foods and drinks into their diets, especially if you consume sugar and alcohol. For centuries, nearly every culture in society preserved food with the ancient art of wild fermentation. It has only been since the Industrial revolution have we digressed. Prohibition played a part in glamorizing alcohol, the opposite of its intended purpose. When alcohol regained legality in the 'roaring 20's' this normalized excessive drinking that for some has been the norm since.... I mean 'it's legal', right? Truth is that drinking more than 4% ABV (alcohol by volume) depletes your gut hydrochloric acid levels and B- vitamins, essential to nerve health and reserves that weaken your immune system. Even if you are sober and eating a low sugar diet, things like stress and your mood have a direct impact on your gut (ever hear of the gut-brain connection?) Discover the 'Negative Effects of Alcohol on Gut Health' by watching the video below.

But are you taking proper care of your gut? Are you exhibiting symptoms of unhealthy gut health without even knowing? Did you know acne, autoimmune conditions, sleep troubles, fatigue, weight fluctuation, bloating, slow metabolism, hormonal imbalances, sugar cravings and stomach issues can all be signs that your gut needs a little TLC?
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